Words .....that work

used with discretion and in harmony, to excite, persuade or merely reveal


was the word (so they say) but it is more likely to have been an image, a memory, a blur of the senses.......Increasingly most communication aims to find the perfect balance between words and images. The right combination is a powerful one. In a professional capacity, I offer mainly words and the best words are used sparingly. They compete for attention. To use them well you have to know what it is you are trying to achieve in the first place, what 'mental image' you want to convey.

It's a first hurdle - but many businesses never clear it with ease.

I can help with most forms of communication across media - broadcast, print, online  - as well as that tricky new 'social media' dimension. I have been a Forbes contributor since 2013, writing about corporate governance, leadership and the boardroom. I have also written a great deal for Entelligent.com on issues around energy and environment for investors. I have contributed to a number of publications including Board Agenda, ICSA's Governance & Compliance magazine, the International Bar Association, Delta the IPOA publication and more - and I made a debut recently in CMI 's magazine Professional Manager with two CEO interviews.

In 2016 I spent six months on a contract with the UN-affiliated `Principles For Responsible Investment', or PRI, on raising their profile on social media between March and September. This included live coverage on Twitter of events in NYC in April, London in June and Singapore in September.  You will find a recommendation from them on my LinkedIn profile early on in the six month period.

Since 2016 I have been a member of the steering group for the Centre for Progressive Capitalism and have contributed a chapter to their book which is launching in June 2017.  I have also contributed in the past to publications by the High Pay Centre.

I am available for copy writing, ghostwriting, interviews, consultancy work including social media and moderating or participating on panels and live social media coverage of events. I have excellent visibility via LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and a Facebook business page @DinaMedlandWordsThatWork - and this website should give you a sense of what I can offer. It is completely DIY.

I know that the art of 'story telling' lies in the use of empathy with a delicate touch - it can create ties that bind, and is essential for businesses looking to engage their employees.


Generous commercial sponsorship - with no editorial control - for my blog 'Board Talk'  here is now in its fourth year, with a new sponsor. On the back of it I have written regular opinion columns on corporate governance for a variety of outlets including the IBA.

I am an ex-FT staff journalist and have in recent years been a regular contributor.

I offer excellent journalistic skills - accuracy, objectivity, independence, fast turnaround and credibility. I may be outspoken - you can follow me on Twitter @dinamedland - but when it comes to sharing confidences, I am known for my discretion.

I have worked primarily around the financial services industry but the portfolio of work displayed here should give you a sense of my reach. I don't do unpaid work, and I don't really do 'coffee' - most potential work can in the first instance be discussed on the telephone. But I am always happy to meet if it makes sense - and I am increasingly looking for worthy projects.

And if you are new to the site - I was born in India, grew up in Washington, DC , came to the UK in pursuit of too much education and no idea what I was going to do with it.....and am now loving every minute.


BOARD TALK has had corporate sponsorship since July 2013- with no editorial control.

Call me on +44(0)7778353926 or e-mail [email protected]  Twitter @dinamedland